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Los 10 personajes más odiados de One Piece

Los 10 personajes más odiados de One Piece


With a cast so large, One Piece is home to some of the most beloved and hated characters in anime. Oda truly does a great job of creating characters showcasing the highs and lows of humanity. He also excels at backstories for both heroes and villains alike, which allows the audience to become more invested in these characters.

In turn, this creates a stronger bond between audience and character, leading to such strong feelings about said characters. Strictly speaking within One Piece, there’s a pretty easy list of the most hated characters that most fans would agree on. Here are the top 10 most hated One Piece characters.

10) Squard

Los 10 personajes más odiados de One Piece

The captain of the Maelstrom Spider Pirates, Squard, was an ally to Whitebeard during the Marineford War. However, Akainu convinced Squard that Whitebeard was sacrificing the rest of his family to save Ace, leading Squard to betray and significantly wound Whitebeard.

While Whitebeard’s forgiveness of his son is a great characterization for the former Yonko, Squard’s actions are still inexcusable. His betrayal had a direct impact on Whitebeard’s untimely death, and unfortunately that’s all fans needed to start hating him.

9) Shirahoshi

Los 10 personajes más odiados de One Piece

Although a well-written character who does nothing inherently wrong, Shirahoshi quickly got on fans’ nerves with her constant crying. While this is an integral part of her arc, fans still heavily disliked crybaby Shirahoshi for reasons completely understandable.

Eventually, Shirahoshi does stop crying after essentially the entire Fishman Island arc. Yet similar to criticisms of Deku in the early stages of My Hero Academia, Shirahoshi was always portrayed as a crybaby, and will always be remembered as such.

8) Wapol

Los 10 personajes más odiados de One Piece

An extremely corrupt, selfish, and incorrigible king, Wapol was introduced as the ruler of the Drum Kingdom. One of his immediately detestable actions was leaving the kingdom as soon as it came under attack during his rule. Clearly not a great start to his character.

Aside from cowardice and killing Dr. Hiriluk, who can be argued as the main character of this arc, Wapol also rounded up the nation’s best doctors for himself. All other doctors were banished from the Kingdom, forcing people to go out of their way to Dr. Kureha for medical help.

7) Arlong

Los 10 personajes más odiados de One Piece

One Piece has never shied away from addressing racism within its own series, arguably having 3 arcs that deal with the topic. One of those arcs is the Arlong Park arc, in which antagonist Captain Arlong believes fishermen to be inherently superior to humans.

While many other reasons compound to give fans a reason to hate Arlong, viewers dislike him immediately due to this belief. One group of people is not inherently superior to another. Luffy teaches this lesson to the earliest, yet one of the most hated, One Piece characters.

6) Sterry

Los 10 personajes más odiados de One Piece

Sabo’s adoptive brother and king of the Goa Kingdom, Sterry has always been portrayed as a character of hate with almost no redeeming qualities. He’s shown, time and time again, to stand for everything that’s wrong and unjust in the One Piece world.

While this is to be expected from the Celestial Dragons and Royalty of the One Piece World Government, it certainly doesn’t excuse their actions. Sterry is no exception to this rule, leading him to be one of the most hated characters in One Piece.

5) Spandam

Los 10 personajes más odiados de One Piece

Spandam is one of those rare, truly irredeemable characters in One Piece. Whether through backstory or an eventual change of ways, Oda will give some characters redeeming qualities or an explanation to their actions.

Even if Oda did attempt this with Spandam, his actions are just too reprehensible in the eyes of fans to ever be not hated.

Beyond being a power-hungry egomaniac, Spandam is truly an awful human being. His goal is to revive Pluton, the ancient weapon, in order to get a promotion in the World Government. In the process, he captures, physically beats, and mentally abuses Nico Robin as she is needed to read the blueprints.

Truly, one of the most detestable and hated characters in One Piece.

4) Trebol

Los 10 personajes más odiados de One Piece

Beyond being an annoying character, Trebol is shown to be a devious mastermind responsible for turning Doffy into Doffy. One of the top 3 officers in the Donquixote family, Trebol essentially raised Doffy after Doffy murdered his own father.

The pistol Doffy used to murder his own father was also one gifted to him by Trebol. Trebol’s influence in creating Doffy, one of the best antagonists in One Piece, cannot be understated. Combined with his annoying presence and sadistic tendencies, Trebol is one of the most hated characters in One Piece.

3) Marshall D. Teech, AKA Blackbeard

Los 10 personajes más odiados de One Piece

Blackbeard has very little screen time in the series at large, yet he feels so impactful to the story every time he appears. He’s first shown trying to capture Luffy before moving onto Ace, who he successfully captures and turns into the World Government.

During Impel Down, he breaks out an entire crew for himself, then heads to Marineford where he becomes responsible for killing Whitebeard. Blackbeard finally takes Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit for himself, a confusing yet disgusting act which gives him a lot of heat with fans.

2) Akainu

Los 10 personajes más odiados de One Piece

If Blackbeard is hated in part for turning in Ace, Akainu must be hated as well for being the one to deliver the final blow. Originally aiming for Luffy, Ace steps in front of the Red Dog Akainu to absorb the blow and save Luffy’s life.

Unfortunately, Akainu’s punch is a mortal wound, and Ace dies on the Marineford battlefield in his brother’s arms. Ace being one of the most beloved characters in One Piece, Akainu killing Ace vaults Akainu up to the top for most hated characters.

1) Saint Charloss

Los 10 personajes más odiados de One Piece

A Celestial Dragon, Saint Charloss is shown in Sabaody Archipelago arc having no regard for life that is not equal in status to his own. This is shown many times during the arc, but none better than the auction house confrontation.

Charloss tries to buy Caimie, and when Hachi tries to calm Luffy down Hachi exposes himself as a Fishman. Charloss shoots Hachi, injuring him badly, thinking he just caught some game.

Hero Luffy turns around and glares at Charloss with one of the angriest faces he’s ever had. He then winds up and nails Charloss, giving him one of the most epic and well-deserved punches in the entire series.

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